Volumes 56-60, 2017-2021

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June 2018 || Top


BARIS MÜCEN, The Ontology of Capital: On the Shared Methodological Limits of Modernization Theory and its Critics || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library 

RAJBIR SINGH JUDGE, There Is No Colonial Relationship: Antagonism, Sikhism, and South Asian Studies || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

GORAN GABER, What Was Critical History? A Reading of Richard Simon’s Histoire critique du Vieux Testament || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Forum: Historicizing Nostalgia

TOBIAS BECKER, Genealogy of the Nostalgia Discourse || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

ACHIM LANDWEHR, Nostalgia and the Turbulence of Times || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

PATRICIA M. E. LORCIN, The Nostalgias for Empire || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Review Essays:

HAUN SAUSSY on McComas Taylor, Seven Days of Nectar: Contemporary Oral Performance of the Bhagavatapurana || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

PATRICK H. HUTTON on Jeffrey Andrew Barash, Collective Memory and the Historical Past || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

DAVID CARR on Steven G. Smith, Full History: On the Meaningfulness of Shared Action || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

ALISON BASHFORD on Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

March 2018 || Top

The Seventh History and Theory Lecture:

Dipesh Chakrabarty, "Anthropocene Time" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library


Herman Paul and Adriaaan van Veldhuizen, "A Retrieval of Historicism: Frank Ankersmit’s Philosophy of HIstory and Politics" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Kristin Asdal and Helge Jordheim, "Texts on the Move: Textuality and Historicity Revisited" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Juan L. Fernandez, "Story Makes History, Theory Makes Story: Developing Rüsen’s Historik in Logical and Semiotic Directions" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Review Essays:   

Johannes Lang on Jan Plamper, The History of Emotions: An Introduction and Ute Frevert et al., Emotional Lexicons: Continuity and Change in the Vocabulary of Feeling 1700–2000 || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Paul A. Roth on Robert Doran, ed., Philosophy of History after Hayden White || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

David P. Jordan on Mary Beard, SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Daniel Gordon on Bernard-Henri Lévy, The Genius of Judaism and Amos Oz and Fania Oz-Salzberger, Jews and Words || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

December 2017: Theme Issue 55 || Theme Issues List || Top

Theorizing Histories of Violence

Philip Dwyer and Joy Damousi, "Theorizing Histories of Violence" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Philip Dwyer, "Violence and its Histories: Meanings, Methods, Problems" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Stuart Carroll, "Thinking with Violence" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Morten Oxenbøll, "Epistemologies of Violence: Medieval Japanese War Tales" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Penny Roberts, "French Historians and Collective Violence" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Dan Edelstein, "Red Leviathan: Authority and Violence in Revolutionary Political Culture" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Enzo Traverso, "Totalitarianism between History and Theory" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Joy Damousi, Mothers in War: “'Responsible Mothering,' Children, and the Prevention of Violence in Twentieth-Century War" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Joanna Bourke, "Theorizing Ballistics: Ethics, Emotions, and Weapons Scientists" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

September 2017 || Top


Serge Grigoriev, "Hypotheses, Generalizations, and Convergence: Some Peircean Themes in the Study of History" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Forum: Carl Schmitt in History and Theory

Federico Finchelstein, "Carl Schmitt between History and Myth"  || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Enzo Traverso, "Confronting Defeat: Carl Schmitt between the Victors and the Vanquished"  || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

María Pía Lara, "Carl Schmitt’s Contribution to a Theory of Political Myth"  || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Benjamin Claude Brower, "Partisans and Populations: The Place of Civilians in War, Algeria (1954–62)"  || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Matthew Specter, "Grossraum and Geopolitics: Resituating Schmitt in an Atlantic Context"  || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Review Essays:

Hans Ruin on Thomas Laqueur, The Work of the Dead: A Cultural History of Mortal Remains  || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Richard J. Bernstein on Martin Jay, Reason after Its Eclipse: On Late Critical Theory  || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft on Gavriel D. Rosenfeld, Hi, Hitler: How the Nazi Past is Being Normalized in Contemporary Culture  || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Richard Eldridge on Branko Mitrović, Rage and Denials: Collectivist Philosophy, Politics, and Art Historiography, 1890–1947  || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Dale A. Wilkerson on Christophe Bouton, Time and Freedom  || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

June 2017 || Top


William Gallois, "History Goes Walkabout" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Stefan Eich and Adam Tooze, "The Allure of Dark Times: Max Weber, Politics, and the Crisis of Historicism" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Dimitri Ginev, Bernard Groethuysen’s Way of Coping with the “Problem of Historicism” || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Review Article:

Suman Seth, The Politics of Despair and the Calling of History || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Review Essays:

Berel Lang on Claudio Fogu, Wulf Kansteiner, and Todd Presner, eds., Probing the Ethics of Holocaust Culture  || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Ewa Domańska on Susan Nance, ed., The Historical Animal || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Allan Megill and Jaeyoon Park on Jonathan Sperber, Karl Marx: A Nineteenth-Century Life || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

David Carr on Henning Trüper, Dipesh Chakrabarty, and Sanjay Subrahmanyam, eds., Historical Teleologies in the Modern World || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Jeffrey Andrew Barash on Manuel Cruz, On the Difficulty of Living Together: Memory, Politics, and History || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library


March 2017 || Top


Franz L. Fillafer, "A World Connecting? From the Unity of History to Global History" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Ritwik Ranjan, "Postcoloniality and the Two Sites of Historicity" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Forum: On Azfar Moin’s The Millennial Sovereign:

Neilesh Bose, "India in a  World: Dilemmas of Sovereignty" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Hussein Fancy, "Of Sovereigns, Sacred Kings, and Polemics" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Anne M. Blackburn, "Buddhist Technologies of Statecraft and Millennial Moments" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

David Gilmartin, "Imperial Sovereignty in Mughal and British Forms" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

A. Azfar Moin, "Millennial Sovereignty, Total Religion, and Total Politics" || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Review Essays:

Dominick LaCapra on Ivan Jablonka, L’histoire est une littérature contemporaine: Manifeste pour les sciences sociales || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

David D. Roberts on Simon Susen, The “Postmodern Turn” in the Social Sciences || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Joshua A. Fogel on Vera Schwarcz, Colors of Veracity: A Quest for Truth in China, and Beyond || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Adam Dodd on Richard Grusin, ed., The Nonhuman Turn || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library

Ines G. Županov on Katrina B. Olds, Forging the Past: Invented Histories in Counter-Reformation Spain || abstract || JSTOR || Wiley Online Library